Call for Writers: Identity & Financial Inclusion in Brazil & Colombia

Identities of the World

Storythings is looking for writers to work on 1000-1200 word pieces about identities and financial inclusion in Brazil and Colombia, as a paid project. You will ideally be a freelance writer based in Brazil (for Brazil stories) or Colombia (for Colombia stories). You’ll have a background in writing non-fiction pieces for online audiences, and experience in covering social interest and culture stories.

The pieces that you write will be part of Identities of the World, a series on identity and financial inclusion around the world. Our first series featured stories from India, and the next one will feature Brazil and Colombia. 

You are expected to find interviewees and stories that have an original and distinct take on the subject, which should hold up to scrutiny. The stories should be emotive - we don’t want dry descriptions of financial programmes or statistics for paragraphs. We want to really be able to understand your characters’ lives, their complexities, how easy or hard access to credit makes their lives and how it affects their sense of identity, any hacks they have to make their lives easier financially, what their most important relationships are financially and why. Please read the current set of stories, set in India, for a sense of what we're looking for.

We want to see writing that is compelling, well-researched, and that resonates emotionally with as wide an audience as possible. We want readers to sit up and say 'I didn't know that'. 

To give you an idea of story expectations, Storythings typically publishes editorial content that is more magazine-like in its writing, rather than news-like. We’re not looking for the latest breaking stories in the style often published by large newsrooms — we’re looking for longer reads with relatable characters that people will want to return to.

Each writer will be expected to submit two stories by the end of August 2019. You’ll also need to be available for calls with the UK team till the editing process is complete at the end of October.

If you’re interested in writing for us, we’ll want to see some of your published culture and society-related stories. To apply, please send 3 to 5 links to published non-fiction work you’ve written in English in the last two years, or a link to an online portfolio with these details, by email to Proficiency in Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Colombia) is expected, as you will need to interview locals for the stories. The deadline for this application is June 30th, 2019. We will schedule interview calls with selected applicants the week commencing July 1st, with a decision made by July 10th.

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