Every effective story starts with a clear goal and strategy. We often start our work with clients by helping them understand audience behaviours, analyse industry trends or develop effective campaigns and story formats. This can range from individual workshops to executive production on multi-year projects.


Exponential Climate Action Roadmap

A major scientific report, published at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. We were responsible for editing together the work of more than a dozen authors into a single, compelling voice, defining the structure, look and feel of the report, and managing all layout, production and printing tasks.

great american read.png

The Great American Read

We worked with our friends at Nutopia to develop the digital and voting elements of this cross platform project for PBS. We were then hired by PBS to be the executive producers of the digital campaign. We scoped and tendered the three separate digital elements - building the project website on PBS’s Bento platform, running the voting technologies across digital and phone networks, and developing the social campaign to get America voting for their favourite book. We then worked as part of the production team on the project for over 18 months, ensuring digital was at the heart of decisions around TV production, press, partnerships and community outreach. The project has been a huge success, with over 4m votes by the grand finale in October 2018.


Walgreens Boots Alliance

We worked with the Walgreens Boots Alliance to design and develop a story toolkit to help increase the impact of innovative ideas within their companies. Based on a comprehensive piece of new consumer insight research by our friends at Starling Strategy, we developed and tested an easy to use card-based tool to help innovation teams at WBA share effective stories about their ideas.


Wellcome Trust

Together Science Can is a campaign to raise awareness about the issues facing global science collaboration with governments and policy makers. We worked with the Policy and Communications team at Wellcome Trust to develop a content and community building strategy for the second phase of the campaign in 2018/19.

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British Council & Hivos

We worked with the British Council and the HIVOS Foundation on researching and developing a model for a new global project to support artists working issues related to digital society.



We worked with publishers Hachette on a research project developing insights for their executive team, mapping existing activity and future trends in six emerging sectors for editorial content.



We worked with WaterAid to develop a software tool to gather content digital content in real time from their teams working on the ground, and use this content to inform their social storytelling strategy.