We help our clients tell stories that have impact, whether this is text and images, audio, animation or video. For editorial journalism, we work with a global network of writers whose work has been published in The New Yorker, The Guardian, Wired, BBC, Slate, and National Geographic. Here’s a selection of some of our recent editorial series and articles.


A Visual History of the Future

A five-part, image-led series about how artists and illustrators of the past thought about the future.

Fowl Plague

A five-part series by Simon Parkin on how we’re utterly unprepared for the next major pandemic.

The ID Question

A five-part series by Padmaparna Ghosh on identities in the modern age. Our digital age adds new twists to an eternal question: Who decides who you are?

Persisting in Dark Times

A story by Muira McCammon about how war crimes researchers immerse themselves in transcripts, pictures, and videos for hours on end without imploding.

Why the White Lab Coat Changed Medical History

A story by Duncan Geere on the fascinating history of the lab coat.

Disappearing Languages

An interactive story about languages. Diversity of language brings an cultural richness to the world, but the number of regular speakers of less-common languages is in steep decline. Longlisted for an Information is Beautiful award 2018.

The Age of the Instagram Eyebrow

One of our most popular pieces - a story by Leigh Alexander on how beauty today is largely conceived in the eyes of the social media viewer.